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Founded on the 24th of April 2005, the TTN Household was birthed as an extension of TTN Ministries, of which Dr. Ben Kleynhans is the founder. Having been a successful itinerant minister at that time for many years, he realized with his wife Sonja, that God was calling them to the establishing of an Apostolic House in Pretoria.

Since then, the TTN Church has been experiencing phenomenal growth, which can of course only be ascribed to the magnificent grace and favor of God, to whom belongs all the glory! This growth does not necessarily refer to only numerical growth, but also more importantly so to growth in spiritual substance and influence. By God’s grace this local house, which serves as the ‘engine room’ so to speak for many of the activities of the Church in the City (CiC), has been used effectively to touch the lives of hundreds of leaders from all Nations, through the various Conferences and events hosted by TTN Ministries since 2005. Our vision is to build accurately on the correct and only pattern, Christ; according to God’s eternal, governmental, order, rule and reign, and through that to Touch the Nations.




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