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Ben Kleynhans is based in Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa, where he has been actively involved in the ministry for the past 25 years.

He is the founding minister of Touch the Nations (TTN) Ministries, a ministry committed to the building of God's Temple, the establishing of His Kingdom, and the Restoration of the Image of His Son.

He does the work of an apostle and, with a heart for leadership, has a true burden and passion to assist pastors and leaders be more effective and accurate in their ministries.

Apart from being the senior minister of a growing congregation in Pretoria, he also serves as an advisor and spiritual father to several prominent leaders.

The apostolic grace upon his life is further evidenced by the many leaders who regularly attend TTN Ministries' monthly Apostolic Transition Forums (ATF's) and annual Apostolic Summits.


A key motivational driving force behind his ministry concerns establishing God's divine order and government within the Church, through a dedicated spirit of love, excellence and purpose.


He has been used by God as an apostolic pioneer both in South Africa, and during his extensive international travels to several countries within Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia.


Ben holds an M.A. in Sociology and a Doctorate in Interdisciplinary Studies and is a multi-talented person, well balanced in the Word and has a solid Christ-like character.

He is married to Sonja, who forms a vital part of her husband, Ben Kleynhans', ministry and has been used in many ways by God to effectively assist him in his function as an apostle.  Together they form a dynamic duo, dedicated to the giving of their lives to assist others migrate accurately into this new season.


Sonja is a true student of the Word, she teaches present truths with fervor and accuracy and is committed to the uplifting and propelling of women into their God ordained destinies.


She has actively been involved in ministry for the last 22 years and have successfully completed two years of theological and ministry training.  Sonja also obtained a BA degree in Pastoral Counseling and apart from her ministerial training is also qualified as a Dental Hygienist.


Through her obedience and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit she has developed a keen sense of discernment through the years, enabling her to effectively share the Word on a prophetic and interpersonal level.


They have three children: Simone, Benjamin & Lizelle, who love and serve the Lord.